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    Born & raised in the Mexican paradise of Puerto Vallarta, her jewelry designs are an exploration of her love for geometry, art and architecture.  A citizen of the world, she has lived in France and Israel, was educated in Canada and followed her heart to the vibrant New York City.


    With a background in Real Estate Development and a love for design, she began her adventure after discovering the world of luxury brands while working in a Global Marketing team at LVMH.  Her journey in jewelry started at FIT, then continued with the successful and talented Pamela Love, Bliss Lau and Jennifer Miller teams.  After a wonderful break of being a full time mom she has returned to her passion, launching her own brand and website the SPRING 2019.


    Argelia Hadrovic envisions, designs and creates her jewelry as wearable art.   Each piece is sourced and handcrafted in NYC using artisanal production techniques such as hand-carved wax models, lost-wax casting and hand-setting of all of her stones.  She is always learning and incorporating new techniques to help her in following her vision and creating her designs.